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Do We Need to Change Higher Megapixel Camera

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has significantly advanced with the introduction of mega pixel cameras. Mega pixel cameras offer high-resolution imaging, providing clearer and more detailed video footage compared to traditional CCTV cameras. By capturing a higher number of pixels, mega pixel cameras can cover larger areas with greater clarity, making them ideal for surveillance in various settings such as retail stores, offices, parking lots, and public spaces.

The increased resolution allows for better identification of people, objects, and activities, enhancing overall security and monitoring capabilities. Additionally, mega pixel cameras often feature digital zoom functionality without compromising image quality, enabling operators to focus on specific areas of interest without losing clarity.
With the continual advancements in mega pixel technology, CCTV systems have become more effective in deterring crime, enhancing situational awareness, and providing valuable evidence for investigations. It’s essential for businesses, organizations, and homeowners to consider the benefits of mega pixel cameras when upgrading their security systems to ensure comprehensive and reliable surveillance coverage.

Current Market makes a big Hype of Higher Mega Pixel Cameras by different Manufacturers at lower cost. But do we need to change in the existing setup in terms of upgrade like in Computers.. No Not at all.. Most it is only a Marketing Strategy. For a CCTV footage what is needed ?

Before we decide on the Mega Pixel, purpose of the Camera to be determined. Is it for Activity watch or for a Critical Coverage For both Focal length plays the major role not Mega Pixel. For Activity 3.6 mm Lens and for Critical 5 mm ~ 50 mm based on location. For a Wide angle coverage 2.6 mm recommended like a Group Photo, you can see every one but you can not identify a person. Ideally 3.6 mm fixed lens Cameras are widely used and due to high production cost is also affordable. Then What is the Role of Mega Pixel in CCTV ?

Mega Pixel is about the Resolution all of us know, for any environment basic 2 Mega Pixel is more than sufficient. Based on the need FL of lens is most important. CCTV footage Recording is more important than watching it like a Movie. If we record any camera with 2 Meg and at 3 Fps the amount of storage days are more and Hardware strain on the recording media as well the heat generated by the storage media will be less, which in turn increase the life and reliability of the recoding media which is more critical in CCTV usage.

No need to change the camera for Mega Pixel if your need of recorded information satisfactory.


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