Cloud Telephony

Cloud Based IP Pbx Telephone System No Hardwar Required or AMC to Receive and Make Calls from Anywhere. Ideal For Work from Home and Business people.


Revolutionize Your Business Communication with Cutting-Edge IP Cloud Telephony, EPABX, IP Pbx Solutions

➢ Unlimited Outgoing Calls.
➢ Unique Virtual no will be assigned.
➢ No Need of Any EPABX Setup at Your Premises.
➢ Multilevel IVR.
➢ Custom Form for Users
➢ Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards.
➢ CRM Integrations (Click2Call, Call POPUP and Call Log Push)
➢ Call Monitor, Barge and Whisper options.
➢ After Office hours message or call routing to mobile number.
➢ Call recordings (Up to 3 Months).
➢ Pre-View Dialing
➢ Pause Codes (Like Lunch, tea)
➢ Detailed Agent Activity Report.
➢ Blacklist
➢ Reports

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, seamless communication is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. With the evolution of technology, traditional phone systems are being swiftly replaced by more dynamic and efficient solutions. Enter IP Telephony, the game-changer in modern business communication. Our comprehensive suite of IP Telephony services is designed to empower your organization with unmatched flexibility, scalability, and productivity-enhancing features.

Unlimited Outgoing Calls: Say goodbye to restrictive call limits. With our IP Telephony solutions, enjoy the freedom of unlimited outgoing calls, ensuring you never miss out on crucial conversations with clients or partners.

Unique Virtual Number Assignment: Stand out in the digital realm with a unique virtual number assigned exclusively to your business. This not only enhances your brand identity but also streamlines communication channels for your customers.

No Need for EPABX Setup: Bid farewell to the complexities and expenses associated with traditional EPABX setups. Our cloud-based IP Telephony eliminates the need for on-premises equipment, offering hassle-free implementation and maintenance.

Multilevel IVR: Impress callers with a professional and intuitive interactive voice response (IVR) system. Customize multiple levels of IVR menus to efficiently route calls and provide callers with the assistance they need.

Custom Forms for Users: Tailor your communication workflows with custom forms for users. Gather essential information seamlessly during calls, ensuring smoother interactions and better data management.

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards: Gain valuable insights into your communication patterns and performance metrics with real-time analytics and intuitive dashboards. Make informed decisions to optimize your business operations.

CRM Integrations: Seamlessly integrate your IP Telephony system with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Enjoy features like Click2Call, Call Popup, and Call Log Push, enhancing efficiency and customer service.

Call Monitoring & Management: Ensure quality control and training effectiveness with advanced call monitoring features. Monitor, barge in when necessary, or whisper instructions to agents during live calls for improved customer service.

After Office Hours Message or Call Routing: Never leave your customers in the dark. Automatically route calls to designated mobile numbers or play informative messages outside office hours, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility.

Call Recordings: Stay compliant and enhance training initiatives with comprehensive call recordings. Access recordings for up to three months, facilitating performance evaluation and dispute resolution.

Pre-View Dialing & Pause Codes: Optimize agent productivity with pre-view dialing and pause codes. Empower agents to manage their workflow efficiently, whether it’s scheduling breaks or preparing for calls.

Detailed Agent Activity Reports: Keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce with detailed agent activity reports. Monitor performance metrics, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement in your communication processes.

Blacklist Functionality: Safeguard your business from unwanted communication with blacklist functionality. Easily block nuisance callers or spam numbers, ensuring a distraction-free environment for your team.

Automated Email & Reporting: Enhance efficiency and streamline workflows with automated email functionalities. Deliver reports, notifications, and updates seamlessly via email, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.

With our IP Telephony solutions, powered by state-of-the-art IP PBX and IP KTS technologies, your business is equipped to thrive in the digital age. Experience unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in your communication processes. Revolutionize your business communication today with our comprehensive suite of IP Telephony services.